Technology’s central role in our society demands that educators embrace it and utilize its power to catalyze educational systems’ adaptation to the 21st century. From an early age, technology helped me develop my love of exploration and learning, and it sparked my curiosity and desire to discover. My interest in technology has been rivaled only by my passion for working with children, and although these interests initially seemed disparate, my experiences have led me to recognize an important connection between the two. Children are the future innovators and users of technology, and educational systems need to incorporate technology curricula that engage children and teach them to think creatively in a constantly changing environment.

Many of the projects I’ve worked on have been inspired by or influenced by my experience teaching middle school students with dyslexia.  During my time in the classroom I realized students rarely get the chance to apply the skills they learn in new creative ways. However, this is a skill that will serve them well in their futures and make the content seem more relevant.